Who set up Mavar and who runs its services?

Mavar was set up by a group of secular Jews, religious Jews and ex-charedim. The diverse views of the founders reflect the tolerance that Mavar seeks to promote.  Its services are supported by volunteers from a range of professions who support Mavar’s aims and who are sensitive to the issues that charedim face.

What does Mavar offer?

Mavar offers information, one-to-one support, online resources and referrals to appropriate agencies and organisations. We can assign a personal mentor to guide you through the questions you want to ask and the issues you want to explore such as education, employment, welfare, housing and legal rights. Alternatively, we can link you with a ‘befriender’ who will meet you informally to help you feel more at ease in mainstream society.

Is Mavar anti-religious or anti-charedi?

No. Mavar is based on the principle that people have a right to choose – and that includes the right to choose to be charedi or non-charedi. We do not try to persuade anyone to act in a particular way. We do not seek to damage the charedi community or to persuade charedim to become modern orthodox or secular. Those who choose to leave the charedi community will have made their decision independently.

Does Mavar work with any organisations within the charedi community?

In order to protect the confidentiality of callers, Mavar does not work with any organisations that are affiliated with the charedi community.


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